8 wedding Instagram accounts you should be following

weddings 11 January 2023

    In the modern era of wedding planning, a bride-to-be has two best friends- Pinterest and Instagram. With trends fading in and out of style faster than ever before, these two platforms have proven to be an effective way of keeping tabs on just about everything. While Pinterest is often championed as the favourite friend, Instagram is where it all gets real. In other words, it’s where you get to dig deeper by getting to know the creative minds behind the scenes. In this blog, we’ve rounded up a list of our favourite Instagram accounts sharing wedding-related content today. From dresses, rings, makeup to décor- we’ve covered it all. So get your phones ready ladies, it’s time to get following!


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    For brides who love to think big, you’ll adore these curated designs from Bell & Bird. All the stones used are one of a kind custom jewels with stories dating back to the 18th and 19th century, making it the perfect collection of modern day antique.


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    It’s no secret that Martha Stewart seems to know everything about life- and weddings are no exception. With every post looking like a page out of a magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings is an excellent place to start your visual planning journey.


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    Covering some of the most gorgeous weddings to date, this Instagram account is perfect for brides with a keen eye for pretty details. You’ll find plenty of visual ideas for venue styling, invites, engagement rings, and more. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, their feed is pretty addictive!


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    Staying true to its motto, Vogue Brides Australia provides the latest updates on the most stylish trends. From celebrity weddings, fashion week highlights, to the newest designers- you’ll be sure to hear it from these guys. Well, simply because “before it’s in fashion, it’s in Vogue”


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    According to these guys, a wedding is no simple affair! Dripping head to toe in opulence, Wedded Wonderland provides a sneak peek into the luxurious nuptial celebrations of the rich (and most likely famous). A girl can always dream, right?


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    Bringing inspiration a little closer to home, Polka Dot Weddings is an Australian-based wedding blog and online magazine that celebrates in the name of love. It’s a great way to see how Aussie couples are celebrating around the country, as well as what’s on trend during each season of the year.


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    Steven Khalil is a Sydney based gown designer that has made his mark on Hollywood. Just like the Leonda bride, Khalil’s designs exude romance, tradition and glamour. From delicate lace, tulle detailing to silky satin trains, the designer continues to wow his 710k followers each day with exclusive features of his stunning gowns.


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    Immaculate bridal makeup is the finishing touch for every bride’s big day. With so many different styles of bridal makeup these days, it really comes down to choosing the right look for you. The Creative Directory captures the work of a team of elite hair and makeup artists touring around Australia and Europe (for those dreamy European weddings) featuring none other than real brides on their special day. No Photoshop, no editing- just stunning brides themselves!


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