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weddings private-parties 30 March 2023

    The wedding season has begun and for many of you eager brides, the big day is around the corner! Although nothing can beat the memories of your special day, your bridal shower can come as a close second if you know how to make it one-of-a-kind. We’ve discovered some of the most unique and personalised themes to inspire you.

    The Open Invitation

    Bridal Showers are typically all-female events, but why not break tradition & throw a Couples Shower with your soon-to-be-hubby by your side! Spend your day with all your loved ones and unearth some friendly competition with bridal shower games.


    Garden Party

    Flowers can evoke feelings of love, serenity, happiness and new beginnings. Not only do they brighten up a space, but they can truly liven up an event. By surrounding yourself with colourful florals and close friends, you can be reminded of the importance of life and to treasure every moment. Having brunch in a flower-filled room while chatting with your girls is sure to create a memorable bridal shower. For some floral inspiration check out Bouquet Melbourne and Bridie Bride Weddings and make your bridal shower flourish!


    Spa Day

    The months leading up to your big day can be stressful and tiresome, so why not use your bridal shower as a day of relaxation with your bridal tribe? There’s nothing better than getting pampered with massages and facial masks only to be rejuvenated for the home stretch of wedding planning!

    Little bit of Something Sweet…

    If you’re a bride to be who has a sweet tooth then why not throw a Candyland inspired bridal shower? Include a buffet full of your favourite treats like gummy bears, milk chocolate, assorted liquorice and more. But what would a party be without colour coordination? Stick to a colour pallet and use your yummy sweets as decor too! From multiple events, we can vouch for Candy Buffets by Design in always tempting us with their perfect setups!

    Simple but Elegant

    If personalised themes aren’t your thing, don’t fret! A simple but elegant bridal shower can be perfect for the bride-to-be who wants something classic and effortless. This flexible theme is guaranteed to reflect your style depending on how you want it designed; make it your own and show everyone who you are!

    Destination Girls Trip

    Sometimes all you need is a weekend away with your gal pals making everlasting memories! Instead of opting for a bridal shower full of gifts from others, you can opt for a girls trip as the gift that gives to everyone! Of course, whatever happens at the chosen location, stays at that location!

    Gatsby Inspired

    The 1930’s were a time of swing music, butterfly sleeves and a love of parties. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s popular novel The Great Gatsby highlights a life of luxury and extravagance of the 1930’s. Not only is it fun to dress up for this particular theme but Gatsby inspired games are sure to be interesting too. If The Great Gatsby isn’t your style, show off your taste through a movie inspired celebration.


    Last Rodeo!

    Are you a country girl and want to stay true to your roots? This playful and Western themed bridal shower decor is bound to bring out you and your girlfriend’s fun side. Add pops of cow print and cowboy boots  – and don’t add ‘Let’s go girls!’ by Shania Twain to the playlist – Yeehaw!

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