Love Rewind: Happy 10 Year Anniversary to Brett and Elyse

weddings 30 March 2023

    One decade down; forever to go. That’s exactly what Brett and Elyse proved to us when they celebrated their 10-year anniversary in our Ballroom. We were absolutely thrilled to take part in this momentous occasion – our hearts fluttered! Helping couples celebrate their love is what we live for.

    As Elyse walked into our venue, little did she know that she was in for a surprise that would bring her to tears. Brett had reached out to us to help him recreate their first dance after 10 years, and it was a moment that Elyse would never forget.

    We were giddy with anticipation, counting down the moments until their arrival. Bubbles and flutes at the ready, we awaited their entrance with bated breath. Brett played it coy, pretending it was just a routine venue visit, but we knew better. As they stepped back into our Ballroom, where they had first exchanged vows, we queued up their first dance tune, Robin Thicke’s ‘Lost without U’, ready to sweep them away on a wave of romance and emotion. Their eyes sparkled with unbridled joy, as Elyse was swept off her feet by Brett’s perfectly orchestrated, heart-stirring gesture. Truly, theirs is a love story for the ages!


    Watching them dance together, it was clear that the love between them had only grown stronger over the years. There was a certain spark in their eyes and a warmth in their embrace. We couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe and admiration for their love story. It was as if time had stood still and nothing else in the world mattered except for the love that they shared.

    Cheers to Brett and Elyse! On this joyous occasion of your 10th anniversary and beyond, may your love radiate like a beautiful star and may the enchantment of your first dance forever dance in your hearts. We are truly blessed to have shared in your magical moment.

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